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Gerringong Holiday

Gerringong Holiday | South Coast Holidays for South Coast Accommodation and Holiday Rentals

Escape Sydney & Book A Gerringong Holiday

Enjoy a faboulous Gerringong holiday. Located just an hour or so away from Sydney, the beautiful town of Gerringong, along the south coast of New South Wales is the perfect destination for a summer holiday. It has wonderful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and the unique hilly landscape of the nearby countryside is like nothing you have ever seen before. What’s more is the famous Seven Mile Beach is just a few minutes to the south and there are several neighbouring towns with just as much to offer as Gerringong. A Gerringong Holiday is definitely something all Australian’s should experience, even if it is just a gateway to the other popular south coast destinations.

The town is extremely peaceful and relaxing, housing a population of only 4,000, of which many are retirees looking to quieten down by the seaside. Despite this there are lots of things to see and experience on your Gerringong holiday. There are several award winning wineries offering tours and tasting for adult visitors, tonnes of quaint boutiques and shops offering quality products not available in the cities, loads of high quality fresh food restaurants and cafes, and plenty of activities, such as guided walks, water sports, fishing and of course surfing!

The rich history of the town is also something worth learning about on your Gerringong holiday. The town’s economic base grew out of dairy farming, with lots of the vintage farms still being used today, making them a great place to tour if you are interested in the cultural history of the region. A visit to the heritage museum should be high on your list if you really want to learn about Gerringong’s historical significance. The museum allows you to observe how the town looked throughout the decades, offering scale model buildings and a deep photographic library. These include pictures from the earliest dairy farms to the 1920’s racing tournaments that took place along the 7 mile beach.

Your Gerringong holiday is what you make it. You can choose to simply relax and sunbathe, go extreme with water sports and hikes, hit the town for food and shopping, take in the local history or a combination of everything to give you the perfect holiday experience.

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